PT Geomarindex

PT Geomarindex acquired from the previous owner in 1984 with specific line of business in Topographical Survey and Mapping, Soil Investigation and Laboratory Testing.

PT Geomarindex provides a complete range of professional services to private and public sector clients through Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The company’s comprehensive professional services are used throughout the assessment, planning, design and construction phase of any large development project. The company employs more than 50 professionals, including university graduates and high school for operator’s technician.

PT Geomarindex has been involved in a wide range of survey and site investigation activities of harbors, coastal engineering, power station design and offshore industry.

  • Topography survey capabilities include establishment of control survey (using ETS, DGPS, precise level), topographic terrestrial mapping, DGPS drone – UAV mapping, building verticality monitoring.
  • Hydrography survey capabilities include bathymetric, marine geology - geophysical (side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling, marine magnetometer), met-ocean (weather/climate, tidal, wave, current ADCP), sediment transport, water quality, water temperature & salinity.
  • Site investigation capabilities include core drilling, cone penetration test (CPT / CPTu), electric resistivity test (ERT), standpipe piezometer / ground water level monitoring, pumping test.
  • Site Study Survey capabilities included hydrology, natural environmental, etc.

The following is a brief description of some of the projects carried out;

  1. Feasibility Study of 100MWac Ground-Mounted PV Plant in Lampung Province, Indonesia, Tractable Engie, Solairedirect SAS (France) & Sugar Group (Indonesia), December – March 2017. Topographical partial DGPS drone UAV Mapping, Geotechnical (core drilling, ERT, CPT, engineering analysis) and Hydrological & hydraulic survey (water assessment, ground water monitoring, surface water runoff and flood assessment, together with the calculation, models and related maps); for obtaining data and information to be used for the engineering study for solar electric power PV plant in Lampung.
  2. Natural and Environmental Survey for Preparatory Survey for the project of the Urgent Shift of Ferry Terminal in Dili Port, Timor Leste, JICA Study Team & Japan Port Consultants Ltd.,July – November 2015. Topographic & bathymetric survey, meteorology & marine phenomenon investigation, environmental quality survey, ecosystem terrestrial & marine biota survey; for obtaining data and information to be used for engineering study for Dili Port.
  3. Hasang Hydropower Project in North Sumatra province, Indonesia, ISAN CORPORATION (Korean), May 2014 – February 2016. Topographic survey (plant site, existing road), river cross section, sediment & flow discharge measurements); for obtaining data and information to be used for detailed engineering study for Hasang Hydropower Project.
  4. Four Seasons Jakarta, Mixed Use Development Project Package-1 Soil Investigation, PT. Permadani Khatulistiwa Nusantara (Rajawali Group), June – December 2013. Geotechnical Investigation includes core drilling up to 120m depth, seismic down-hole testing / SSRA, Pressure-meter testing, pumping-well testing and standpipe & vibrating wire piezometer monitoring; for obtaining data and information for Jakarta four season mixed use development project.
  5. The Urgent Rehabilitation Project of Tanjung Priok Port LOT-1 Channel and Basin Improvement Project, TOYO-ADHI JV, and Nippon Koei Co., Ltd in association with japan Port Project – Wiratman & Rayakonsult, May – September 2012. Onshore & offshore drilling; for obtaining data and information to be used for engineering analysis for rehabilitation of breakwater Tanjung Priok Port.
  6. Hasang Hydropower Feasibility Study Project in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia, Poyry Energy Thailand Ltd., July 2011 – March 2012. Topographic survey (topo-mapping 50 ha and river cross section), Geology Investigation (includes: core drilling 531m, packer test, test pits, geological mapping, laboratory testing), and Additional Update Environment Impact Assessment Study; for obtaining data and information for the study of Hasang hydropower project.
  7. Topographical and bathymetrical survey services for Ammonium Nitrate Prill Plant project, Bontang, East Kalimantan, PT. Rekayasa Industri & PT. Kaltim Nitrate Indonesia, August – October 2010. Topographic, bathymetric, sub-bottom profiling, side scan sonar, tidal, current ADCP and water temperature measurements for obtaining data and information for detailed engineering design of ANP in Bontang.
  8. The study on Oecusse Port Urgent Rehabilitation Project in Timor Leste, JICA Study Team & Japan Port Consultants Ltd., October – December 2009. Topographic & Bathymetric Survey, Tidal level survey, Tidal current survey, environmental survey (seabed sediment & quality sample and water quality sample), Traffic survey (sea transport ferry terminal at Oecusse Port & land transport on Sakato Borders in Oecusse); for obtaining data and information to be used for the detailed engineering design on rehabilitation of Oecusse Port.
  9. The detailed design study on the urgent rehabilitation project of Tanjung Priok Port in the Republic of Indonesia, JICA Study Team, May – July 2005. Topographical terrestrial survey, Onshore & offshore soil Investigation; for obtaining data and information to be used for the detailed engineering design of Port Inner Road Improvement in the Urgent Rehabilitation Project of Tanjung Priok Port in the Republic of Indonesia.

Board of Directors:

  1. Frans Segar Gultom, ST
  2. Ir. Rafdi Kalbar