Career Path

Human  Resource  development  is  one  of  our  commitment  to  ensure  Wiratman  employees  find  its  potential  and  utilize  it  the  best  way possible.  In  line with our increasing  business  portfolio,  more  career  path  is  open  clear  for  those  who  are  able  and  committed  to  grow together  with  Wiratman.  In doing so,  we  are welcoming  new  recruits  with  strong  leadership  and  eager  to  learn  new  opportunities, either graduates, experienced, and internship to join with Wiratman

Graduates and Experienced

Wiratman  work  as  one  team,  bringing  together  people  from  a  range  of  backgrounds  whose  different  perspectives  to  enrich  our business. Whatever your discipline  and  wherever  you  work,  we  will  help  you  achive  your  potential. You  will  have  opportunities  to  work on challenging projects and to work alongside the most innovative minds in the industry.


We  offer  different  opportunities  for  you  to  explore  Wiratman.  Spending  time  with  us  before  you  graduate  is  a  brilliant  way  to  find  out where to start. We will help you shape the next vital phases before you join the workforce.

Whichever role you join us, you can be sure that the work you do will have a real lasting impact on the world around us.