The Unique High-Rise Structure of the MNC Tower 2 Building in Jakarta

In this paper the structure of the 56-story MNC Tower 2 Building is described. To meet the architectural requirements, a quite unique structural system has resulted. It consists of two subsystems in t…Read more

Dynamic Analysis of Rigid Roadway Pavement under Moving Traffic Loads with Variable Velocity

The study of rigid roadway pavement under dynamic traffic loads with variable velocity is investigated in this paper. Rigid roadway pavement is modeled as a rectangular damped orthotropic plate suppor…Read more

Jembatan Gantung Ultra-Panjang Untuk Jembatan Selat Sunda

Dalam tulisan ini diuraikan secara singkat karakteristik yang khas dari sistem jembatan gantung ultra-panjang yang dalam beberapa hal berbeda dengan jembatan gantung dengan bentang pendek.  Kemud…Read more

Response of Damped Orthotropic Stiffened Plates Subjected to a Stepped Triangular Blast Loading

The response of structural components subjected to a stepped triangular blast loading had been the subject of a great deal of research. Much of these researches had been concentrated on the response o…Read more

Seismic Resistant Design Standard for Building Structures, SNI-1726-2002