In 1983, Wiratman was assigned by the State Owned Electric Company (PLN) to prepare a feasibility study for power plants in Central Java with a capacity of 3,600-4,800 Megawatts. In this project, Wiratman managed to identify 39 locations which was then reduced to seven (7) potential locations. Currently, the Tanjung Jati B Hydro Power Plant and the Cilacap Hydro Power Plant are two of those locations that have already been constructed.

The first contract in the field of power engineering has become an invaluable learning stage for Wiratman to become an expert in dam and power engineering.

In response to the government’s program to accelerate the availability of 10,000 MW electricity in the mid-2000, Wiratman has also prepared the feasibility study and design review of several hydro power plant projects belonging to the State Owned Electric Company (PLN) for both large and small scale projects.

In line with the Indonesian Government’s policy to take the advantage of renewable energy, Wiratman received many assignments related to hydro power plants and geothermal power plants, owned by private developers and the State Owned Electric Company (PLN). The involvement of Wiratman in the field of Power Engineering continues in line with the Government’s program to provide 35.000 MW electricity for the period of 2014-2019.