Wiratman also undertake the design of road and highway infrastructures. The involvement of Wiratman in this sector started in 1987. In between 2002-2005, the company received an assignment from the Department of Public Work in North Sulawesi Province to design the arterial road as an alternative access to avoid the traffic congestion of downtown Manado. While in 2011, Wiratman participated in the widening of the Jakarta Merak toll road. The Company, which has the spirit to innovate endlessly, was also one of the first consultant involved in mining road projects. In 2011 Wiratman began to participate in the development of the neighboring countries through the construction of national roads in the city of Dilli, Timor-Leste.

In line with the government's current program, Wiratman also participated in the acceleration of the national strategic infrastructure development project implementation in the sector of highways, national roads as well as other non-toll projects.