Wiratman, who is committed to building this country as proof of its dedication to the nation, is not satisfied with its achievement so far. The Ancol bridge which is part of the Tanjung Priok toll road was built on top of a 4-lane railway. It has spawned an innovative design solution in 1998. Later on, it was also awarded as the consultant for the construction of the underpass of Dukuh Atas project in Jakarta. This project had lots of challenges and led to an innovation in the construction method, known as the box jacking in 1994.

Based on those projects, the company patented the Antareja method with no. ID 0 009 677 in November 2004, which is an invaluable innovation for underpass construction in Indonesia. The name was inspired by a wayang puppet character that had powers to penetrate the ground and reappear on the surface somewhere else. It is the same principle applied in the box jacking method of Antareja, owned by Wiratman.

Meanwhile, the Kendari Bay Bridge, designed in 2006, is another contribution of Wiratman for Indonesia. In 2011, Wiratman had the opportunity to design the Musi 3 project, a long span bridge which crossed the widest river in Palembang. Then, it was followed by the design of Brantas bridge in East Java in 2014.

It is a magnificent idea to connect the island of Java and Sumatera with a bridge. In 2009, Wiratman finished the Pre-Feasibility Study of the Sunda Strait Bridge which was submitted to the government. Seven years had passed and even though the Indonesian Government has not given the blessing to execute the project, the dream must not be put off.  For Wiratman, this is a challenging project to be accomplished in the near future.