Geological and Geophysical Consulting

Wiratman's geological and geophysical survey services provide value to the client's project, whether specific information from a single site, or a complex regional study involving an integrated of geophysical and geotechnical techniques.

The information helps to understand of the nature and variability of ground conditions at a site or along a corridor, to guide the development of targeted site investigation programme, to determine specific engineering properties and for assessment of ground risks. It also helps to develop an understanding of the behaviour of the ground in response to the client's planned development activities or natural forces, such as seismic shaking. Greater understanding lowers overall cost and reduces project risk.


  • Advice, guidance and operational assistance concerning the location of mineral deposits, oil and gas fields and groundwater by studying the properties of the earth and rock formations and structures
  • Advice with regard to exploration and development of mineral, oil and natural gas properties, including Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, Project evaluation services
  • Evaluation of geological, geophysical and geochemical anomalies
  • Surface geological mapping or surveying
  • Providing information on subsurface earth formations by different methods seismographic, gravimetric, magnetometric methods and other subsurface surveying methods


  • Ir. Daud Tegasan
  • Ir. Rafdi Kalbar
  • Sahrianto Saragih, ST, MT