Geotechnical Engineering

The capability to characterize the ground at a wide variety of sites is a major factor on the success, cost effective and long term safety of a project. Since soils and rocks are natural products, their physical properties are extremely varied in horizontal and vertical directions. Consequently, experience in dealing with various soil conditions is an important factor in geotechnical engineering.

Wiratman geotechnical engineers possess the knowledge and experience required for proper evaluation of the subsurface soils and rocks at a wide variety of sites and for carrying out various engineering analyses. We have provided geotechnical engineering services for a wide range of civil engineering projects, from high-rise buildings, industrial structures, roads and bridges, coastal development.


  • Foundations engineering
  • Retaining structures
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Deep basement related problems
  • Specification
  • Construction problems related to expansive soils
  • Evaluation of liquefaction potential
  • Ground improvement
  • Compaction problems
  • Geotechnical aspects related to hydraulic structures
  • Evaluation of soil parameters
  • Geotechnical investigations