Waste Management

Waste represents an important resource in its own right. Effective waste management is critical for the conservation of limited natural resources, making it central to ensuring a sustainable future. As waste production grows globally, so does the urgency with which we must focus on recycling, re-use and recovery. Protecting the environmental and human health from the impact of waste goes hand in hand with the efficient use of resources.

Wiratman offers a wide range of resource and waste management services to support our clients’ efforts to achieve regulatory compliance, optimize resource flows, and ensure the safe and smart handling and disposal of wastes. We help our clients save precious resources, reduce waste production and find ways to turn waste into valuable raw materials.


  • Waste analysis and surveys
  • Waste treatment facility planning, design and construction supervision
  • Environmental assessments
  • Waste disposal engineering


  • Ir. Yulianto
  • Betara Hendro Cahyono, S.Sos, M.Si