Betara Hendro Cahyono


Betara Hendro Cahyono has worked as an Environmental expert at Wiratman. During 3 years, he joined and contributed to several projects in Power Engineering division.

As an environmentalist, his responsibilities include preparation of environment study document (AMDAL and UKL-UPL) and Environmental & Social Assessment analysis for Feasibility Study of power plant project.

Among several project that he’d been involved in together with Power Engineering division are Environmental Aspect Research in Feasibility Study of Gas Engine Power Plant Scattered on Riau Islands and Belitung, Evaluation of environmental documents related to 35 Dams in DOISP (Dam Operational and Improvement Project), the project of the Ministry of Public Works (Kementrian PU) sponsored by The World Bank, and on some of Coal Fired Power Plant project site selection on Java Island, his environmental and social evaluation indicate that this site location is wasting a lot of energy and time both environmentally and socially.

He acquire his bachelor in business administration at Diponegoro University and his master degree in Environmental study at Diponegoro University, Semarang. He also has certificate of competence as Lead of Environmental Impact Assessment Composer (Ketua Tim Penyusunan Amdal).