Ir. Daud Tegasan

Geotechnical and Geophysical Engineer

Daud is founder and President Commisioner of Wiratman. He has dedicated 46 years working as Geotechnical and Structure Engineer. Some of his notable experience was conducting highway and bridge engineering for toll expressway Padalarang – Cileunyi, toll expressway Cawang – Tanjung Priok, geotechnical, hydrographical & geodetic surveys for Teluk Lada Irrigation Project, Siluas Irrigation Project, Sampean Baru Irrigation Project, Aromatic at Bunyu Island, Coal Terminal harbor at Paiton Coal Fired Power Plant, Advisor of design services for Kusan-III Hydropower Plant, Merangin-2 Hydropower Plant, Grati combined cycle power plant, Kelai-2 Hydropower Schemes (168 MW), and Advisor and structural engineering of highrise and complex buildings for  Wisma Harapan Building (17 stories) - Jakarta, Garden Hotel (17 stories) Surabaya, Wisma Bumi Putera Building (22 stories), Jakarta, Ratu Plaza Building (32 stories), Jakarta, Thamrin Building (17 stories), Jakarta, Hyatt Aryaduta Hotel Extention (18 stories), Jakarta, Wisma Dharmala Building (20 stories) Jakarta.

He received his Bachelor Degree of Civil Engineering from Institute Technology of Bandung. He is a member of Indonesian Construction Engineers Association (HAKI).