The Two Level Shopping Bridge Senen




PT Jaya Property

This bridge connects two shopping centers, the Atrium Mall and the Pasar Senen Block IV Mall. This bridge’s uniqueness lies in the method of construction, which is independent from the busy traffic underneath, and in the method of integrated foundation and upper structure design. The length of the main span is 40 meters, while the second smaller portion is 22 meters. Precast pre-stressed girders have been prepared in the workshop for the spans, then transported to the site and placed atop of the piers by cranes.

The girders were designed to carry the two level shopping arcades. As for the foundation of the first main pier, space is only available for a smaller number of foundation piles compared to the second pier. Therefore, the first pier was designed to carry a smaller lateral seismic load by selecting a more flexible pier than the second, and in addition placed the girders atop the piers using pot bearings ensuring lateral load transfer from one pier to the other. the overall structure looks impressive and recognized as being innovative. We are proud that this project has accorded the 2013 Construction Award from the Ministry of Public Works.