Wisma Dharmala




PT Dharmala Intiland

Wisma Dharmala is the office tower of PT Dharmala lntiland designed by Paul Rudolph, a New York City based architect popular in the modernism era. The tower, located on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta is the landmark tropical high-rise building in lndonesia. ln this particular project, Wiratman acted as the structure consultant and the key person in the success of its construction. Today the Wisma Dharmala remains one of the best examples of architectural and structural work in this country.

Paul Rudolph designed this building as a tower attuned to the wind direction and the tropical climate of lndonesia. lt was designed so that the air in the interior of the building was fresh and the energy needed to run the electrical system inside was efficiently used. Complete with greenery covering the exterior surface the 27-story tower was the first building in Jakarta to use a Green Design concept.

Beginning in 1987, for a full one and a half year Wiratman worked on the Wisma Dharmala project. During that period, we invented and applied no less than three innovations on structural design. The Shear Balancing Theory, Composite Column Structure and the checkerboard Mass concreting were the main innovations invented and discovered during the design and construction of Wisma Dharmala. The tower was not only attractive, but also contributed to the development of modern concrete structures in lndonesia.