Graha Niaga




PT Grahaniaga Tatautama

Graha Niaga Sudirman is still one of the most well designed and well constructed office buildings in lndonesia. On the tower designed by the famous Kohn Pederson Fox of New York City, Wiratman introduced the raft foundation system and further popularized the usage of precast concrete for high-rise buildings in lndonesia.

ln the early 90s, when Wiratman was assigned to build a new office building for Bank Niaga, the project was nothing more than a concept. The owner, Robby Johan, a very progressive businessman had not even appointed an architect as the consulting designer for the new building. Located strategically on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, he wanted a world class architect to design the building. Robby entrusted Wiratman as high-rise building expert to seek and select several well-known architects from the USA.

Through bidding, KPF (Kohn Pederson Fox), the world renown and award winning architecture firm from the USA was chosen to act as the consulting designer of this project. KPF then proposed a design that would not only enhance the attractiveness of Jakarta's business center skyline but would also be in harmony with its environment. ln the design, KPF differentiated each side of the building, especially on the north side that faced the business area, and the south side that faced a settlement area.

The innovations introduced by Wiratman when building the Wisma Dharmala were also applied in this project to accommodate the design of KPF. The composite concrete technology using construction steel as frames was employed to minimize the dimension of the tower’s columns.

The combination of KPF's expertise and experience as a high-rise building designer and Wiratman ability to include tropical elements in the construction of high-rise buildings in lndonesia made the Niaga Tower a prominent high-rise building landmark and one of the most prestigious buildings ever built in lndonesia.