Bakrie Tower




PT Bakrie Swasakti Utama


Bakrie Tower is a part of the development of the superblock Rasuna Epicentrum developed by PT Bakrie Swasakti Utama Rasuna Epicentrum stood on a 3.5 hectares area. ln the Epicentrum complex The Wave apartment complex will also be constructed. On the 50-story Bakrie Tower there will be commercial office spaces, cafes, restaurants, art galleries, conference facilities, and executive suites on the topmost floor.

The challenge of constructing this building was mainly experienced when covering the whole building with the 8.000 irregular facade panels on each level, thus requiring a very skillful contractor. The columns inside the building were also irregular, since they follow the wavy contour of the building.

Wiratman delightfully accepted the unique and complicated design challenge. The moment we were appointed as the structural consultant, we immediately calculated the structure of the uncommon design. Surprisingly, the calculation and planning of the unique structure could be accomplished through quite a simple method.

The accurate analysis was needed in viewing the inclined columns and the straight columns as a continuous and inseparable unity in the structure of the high-rise building. Before inputting the data into a model in the computer software, the structural engineer must determine how the inclined columns that create the wavy effect would be treated.