Depati Amir Airport


Pangkal Pinang


PT Angkasa Pura I


Located in Pangkal Pinang, this airport created to serve the capital of Bangka Belitung Province. Equip with 2 passenger boarding bridge and a single runway, this airport is projected to serve one million passenger per year in the first phase. The terminal building itself covered an area of 3000 sqm in the first phase, with the possibility to extend to 9000 sqm in the second phase and 12000 sqm in the third phase. To cater both international and domestic routes, the terminal are equiped with 8 check-in stations for the domestic routes and 2 check-in stations for the international routes, and two conveyor belts for baggage claim, each serving for domestic and international flights separately.

As an upcoming region, it's very necessary to create an expandable airport instead of one-off finished airport. In that respect, we design the terminal bulding to be modular in which it can be use to grow the airport horizontally and vertically. For example, we chose to put building supporting mechanical and electrical equipment in the roof, freeing up the sides of the building for easy expendability. Modular lay out is also another step we take to maintain the expendability aspect of the airport, giving a flexibility for the terminal to change its layout according to the load of the building. Combined with the use of green design in this airport and usage of decoration which based on the area's cultural heritage, Depati Amir airport become an innovation of  small airport typology in Indonesia along with it's sister airport, Raja Haji Fisabillilah airport in Tanjung Pinang and Sultan Thaha Airport in Jambi.