Jatigede Dam


Kabupaten Sumedang, Jawa Barat


Ministry of General Works Republic of Indonesia, Directorate General Water Resources


The Jatigede Dam Project started from 2008. Wiratman joint operation with PT Indra Karya, PT Metanna, PT Tata Guna Patria, and PT Indah Karya. This dam height is 110 m, and type of this dam is rock fill dam. This dam reservoir volume is 6.700.000 m3, with this reservoir Jatigede dam have multi-purpose. Jatigede dam purposed to produce hydroelectricity and raw water for the people located in downstream area

Jatigede dam embankment contain from rock fill, the core area contain clay core. The spillway located on main dam, and the type is chute use 4 radial gates. Each gate dimension is 13 m width and 14.5 m height.   

After the construction is finished, Jatigede Dam will be second biggest dam after Jatiluhur Dam on Purwakarta. The initial impounding of Jatigede Dam started on August 2015, it will predicted finish (100%) about 365 days, and dam reservoir surface area is 41.98 km2