Lampung, Banten, West Java, Central Java, East Java, South Sulawesi 


Ministry of General Works Republic of Indonesia, Directorate General Water Resources 


Participatory Irrigation Sector Project start on December 2006. Wiratman join venture with Euroconsult Mott Macdonald, and the other local consultant. Participatory Irrigation Sector Project is loan program from Asian Development Bank. Total contract value is US$ 9.583.013.           

Participatory Irrigation Sector Project (PISP program) is as manifestation of an application of the Public Works Ministerial Decree No. 30/ PRT/ M/ 2007 concerning PPSIP (Participatory Irrigation System Development and Management) in the real field environment, so that most of the PISP activities relied on this Ministerial Decree. The PISP program aims to introduce participative irrigation management, conduct poverty alleviation and support the 27 Regencies within 6 provinces in Indonesia with the application of the new participative irrigation principles and increasing welfare of farming communities through the improvement of irrigation facilities and the introduction of improved agricultural technology.

PISP program contained three main components of activity, namely: Irrigation management, Water Resource Data Centre and Asset management and Project Coordination and Monitoring.

Consultant divided into several teams. Team Region 1 : West and Central Java, Team Region 2 : East Java, Team Region 3 : South Sulawesi, and Team Region 4 : Lampung and Banten.