Bukit Asam Steam Power Plant Unit 3 & 4


Tanjung Enim, South Sumatera Province.


PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara and PT Jaya CM Manggala Pratama


The scope of services undertaken by Wiratman is actively assisting PLN in engineering supervision, as follows power plant construction. Design review consist of engineering administrative assistance for setting up a system to control all project documents, reviewed and comments on contractor design, drawing and document submittals for compliance with the contract, identify to the contractor items in their design and drawings required to be revised to comply with the contract,  reviewed and comment on contractor design, drawings and documents in response to PLN comments, monitoring the design, drawings and documents status including those to be submitted by the contractor, those with PLN for review, and those to be resubmitted by the contractor, reviewed and comment on contractor's monthly and quarterly progress reports. Scope of work in Environmental aspect is an environmental monitoring program for the local impact operation of the power plant.

With PT PLN (persero) as the Client and associated firm with PT Jaya CM Manggala Pratama started the project on June 1992 and completed on July 1994. Total value of full project is USD 260.4 million.