Brantas Bridge


Mojokerto, East Java


PT Marga Harjaya Infrastruktur


Brantas Bridge in Mojokerto, East Java is part of Mojokerto-Kertosono Toll Road that will operate in 2017. The bridge crossing Brantas River requires large span structure to avoid using pier / column in the river that might disturb the river flow and damaging the environment. The bridge has main span of 145 m and total length of 299 m. Total bridge width is 32 m to provide service for 2 directions of traffic, with 3 lanes for each direction. Each traffic direction is supported by a concrete box girder, constructed using Balanced Cantilever Cast-in-place system.

During construction, the girder segment is casted in sequence at each side of the pier to avoid large unbalanced load occuring at the pier and foundation. Prestressed strand and tendons are used to connect the girder segments and to ensure that the girder system has enough capacity to resist all the design loadings.To minimize the girder selfweight and to reduce the construction cost, girder height are varied along the bridge length following a parabolic curve. Girder height is 6.2 m at the pier location and 2.5 m at mid span location. By using combination of carefully thought design process and effective construction method, the result is an efficient bridge structure with a pleasing aesthetic feature.