BRI Medan

Menara BRI Medan is the new designated headquarter of BRI in Medan area, designed with a modern-traditional combination, represented in its form and exterior design. The building`s position, being in an edge of main road intersection, allow it to become a new landmark or icon of the area, which explain the choice of design form. The lean and curved form of the building volume shows the futuristic and high-technology qualities of the building. The building`s volumetric which consist of podium (for multi-purpose hall), tower (for offices), and the crown, resembles the local, Bataknese traditional house`s hierarchy which is composed by head-body-feet combination. The facade pattern of the building also is a combination of local fabric pattern, transformed into a functional secondary skin that not only gives a cultural touch to the design but also act as medium to reduce light and heat coming from direct sunbeam.

Location : Medan.  Client : PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. Function : Office Building. Land Area : 4,166 m2.  Building Area : 34,591 m2.  No. of Tower: 1 (21 Floors & 3 Basements). S.O.W. : Survey, Program, Planning, Design.