Bukit Asam Convention Hall

Is a continuation of previous Bukit Asam Convention Hall Palembang, the new Bukit Asam Convention Hall adapted several changes to its design to meet the new requirements given by the client. Bukit Asam Convention Hall (BACH) is a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) project by PT Bukit Asam Tbk.as part of their social initiatives in providing infrastructure and facilities in the Sport City area of Jakabaring, Palembang, South Sumatera. Bukit Asam Convention Hall (BACH) is a two-floor multi-purpose building with the main function as convention hall and exhibition hall. Moreover, it also carries secondary functions such as spaces for sporting events, seminars, lectures, wedding hall, concert venue, and alike. The spaces in this convention hall are design in a free-layout approach, allowing flexibilities in the use of each space, depending on the requirements for every activity. The general concept of Bukit Asam Convention Hall design is a combination between local culture as a design roots and modern futuristic concept as an interesting and iconic exterior.

Location : Palembang.  Client : PT Bukit Asam Tbk.  Function : Multi-purpose Building.  Land Area : 4.1 ha. 

Building Area : 10,807 m2.  No. of Floor : 2.  S.O.W : Concept Design - Tender Documents.