Dynamic Response of Structures Loaded By Outside Blasts

September 11, 2015

The paper deals with the dynamic response of damped orthotropic reinforced concrete plates subjected to blast loading. Blast loading is a short duration load categorized as an impulsive loading. Mathematically blast loading is treated as a triangular one. The natural frequency of vibration of a plate governs its response to such loading. A rectangular reinforced concrete plate is considered for the numerical analyses with fixed boundary conditions. The natural frequencies of the system are solved from a system of two transcendental equations. The dynamic response of the structure is then determined through the superposition of natural modes. Special emphasis is focused on the mid-point displacements of the plate. The results obtained give an insight into the response of the plate under blast loading, indicating the effect of the thickness of the reinforced concrete plate and the time duration of the blast loading on its overall behavior.

Keywords: blast loading, triangular loading, concrete plates, transcendental equations, thickness, time duration.