Praktek Peningkatan Daya Saing Konsultan Nasional: Pengalaman Wiratman

December 31, 2013

Globalisasi perdagangan barang dan jasa menyebabkan semakin ketatnya persaingan dan semakin pesatnya perubahan lingkungan industri konstruksi, termasuk pemberlakuan masyarakat ekonomi Asean pada tahun 2015 mendatang.  Dari data Business Monitor Internasional (BMI, 2013), pasar konstruksi Indonesia akan mencapai 60% dan 80% dari pangsa pasar konstruksi Asean.  Untuk mampu menjawab tantangan tersebut dan mengantisipasi perubahan lingkungan yang cepat ini tentu saja dibutuhkan kesiapan da…Preview

The Unique High-Rise Structure of the MNC Tower 2 Building in Jakarta

August 20, 2013

In this paper the structure of the 56-story MNC Tower 2 Building is described. To meet the architectural requirements, a quite unique structural system has resulted. It consists of two subsystems in the upper structure, a core wall subsystem with outriggers and a mega frame subsystem on top of it. It is believed that such a structural system has never been applied before elsewhere. Dynamic characteristics, dynamic response to seismic and wind actions, as well as structural performance are descri…Preview

Dynamic Analysis of Rigid Roadway Pavement under Moving Traffic Loads with Variable Velocity

June 01, 2012

The study of rigid roadway pavement under dynamic traffic loads with variable velocity is investigated in this paper. Rigid roadway pavement is modeled as a rectangular damped orthotropic plate supported by elastic Pasternak foundation. The boundary supports of the plate are the steel dowels and tie bars which provide elastic vertical support and rotational restraint. The natural frequencies of the system and the mode shapes are solved using two transcendental equations, obtained from the soluti…Preview